Webs (90 minutes)
34 characters (at least 7 actors)
Webs was written collaboratively with Dreams of Hope's theatriQ Youth Ensemble.
How do the stories we make make us? Logan and Paris, two queer youths, connect online. Both are reading a book about Greek Mythology. In the myth of Arachne, Athena turns a woman into a spider for defying the gods. In the myth of Pisces, a terrible monster chases a mother and child to the sea. Logan and Paris hear echoes of their own lives in these stories, but neither is content to be defined by stories from the past. Logan has just realized that their gender identity does not fit their dad’s expectations. Paris meets Casey, a queer elder who works at the library. Casey suspects that Paris might not have a consistent place to stay. Both youths struggle to make a narrative that includes their whole selves. Queer identified young people connect with each other online every day, a post, a story, a selfie, a song. Are they writing their own mythology? Webs weaves threads of storytelling from ancient Greece to tumblr to discover how we can grow from passive victims to heroic authors of our own mythology.
Full Script of Webs