Paul KrusePaul William Kruse is a playwright, film/video maker, and teaching artist from Western Wisconsin. Paul creates stories for stage and screen that play with traditional forms of narrative. He strives to challenge the context in which such work is produced and shared. He has particular interest queer identity, spirituality in contemporary culture, and the ever-evolving experience of family. He seeks to express moments of transcendence in his work. Paul also has a fascination with science fiction and fantasy stories and the creation of alternate realities. He loves exploring what it means to create other worlds and what that tells us about our own. Paul is a founding member of Hatch Arts Collective, a group of performing artists working in Pittsburgh’s East End.

As a teaching artist Paul is passionate about media literacy and narrative play. He works with area arts organizations to create unique and relevant experiences for students both in classroom and after-school settings. He is excited to live in a moment when media technology can enter and enhance educational experiences in a highly accessible way. In Pittsburgh, Paul has worked with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Heinz Endowments, Gateway to the Arts, The Marilyn G. Rabb Foundation, Dreams of Hope, and City Theatre.

Paul has shown short narrative work at Cannes Film Festival in France (2006); Darryl’s HLP Festival in London, Toronto, and New York (2008); Bearded Child Film Festival in Grand Rapids, MN (2008); and CNKY Scene Film Festival in Cincinnati, OH (2012). In 2010 his short play Kiss was produced as part of the National Ten-Minute Play Contest at the Humana Festival in Louisville, KY. Kiss went on to be published in the May 2011 issue of Dramatics magazine. Paul received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University in 2008, where he worked as filmmaker in residence from January, 2011, to August, 2012.

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